Live Animal Trap (Coyote, Stray dog, Cat, Fox, Raccoon)- 50"x24"x19"

Live Animal Trap (Coyote, Stray dog, Cat, Fox, Raccoon)- 50"x24"x19"


A large, sturdy and humane live animal trap for large and strong animals

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This Live Animal Trap from Backyard Expressions is the ultimate in safe and humane large animal removal. Big traps are humane traps for large pest animals like coyotes, stray dogs, cats, foxes, opossums and raccoons. With this extra large trap you will be safe and the animal will be able to be moved to a safe location more easily than any other animal live trap on the market.

  • Thicker wires, reinforced door and latches guarantee a sturdy structure. Wires are galvanized and powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Black anti-glare coating provides excellent camouflage in the dark to increase the chance of capture. Small mesh holes prevent stolen bait.
  • Gravity operated mesh door reduces air resistance during closure to ensure swift captures.
  • Handles on both ends of the trap make it easier to lift the cage. Smoothed internal edges protect and prevent injuries to animals. Trigger rod is located outside of the trap so animal cannot damage it while in the trap.
  • Fold-able to save storage space. Easy to setup, from nearly flat to assembled in seconds -- no tools needed. Excellent choice when attempting to capture large animals such as coyotes, stray cats, foxes or raccoons.
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