The Backyard Expressions spin to win gift card giveaway rules and odds are listed below:


Promotional inserts will be given with a number of Backyard Expressions, Seasonal Expressions, Pet Expressions and Legacy products purchased through various online channels. These inserts will include a scratch off spin to win code that can be entered on the site in exchange for a free spin and a chance to win. Every player with a valid code that has not been used previously will be a winner.

Each spin to win code can only be used one time on the site. In the case that a spin to win code is linked to multiple spins, only the first or oldest spin will be paid out. You must enter a valid email in order to receive the e gift card and you can select what retailer you would like the gift card to if your spin lands on one of the basic gift card slices. If you land on any wheel slice that contains "Site Gift Card" you will not win a gift card to the retailer you chose in the drop-down, but instead a gift card valid for Gift cards will be sent to the provided email address in 3-5 business days.


100% Chance to Win a Prize

$5 Gift Card: 33.15%

$10 Backyard Expressions Gift Card: 39.78%

$25 Backyard Expressions Gift Card: 22.1%

$25 Gift Card: 4.42%

$100 Gift Card: 0.55%

Grand Prize: .01% *The grand prize will only be awarded once throughout the promotion. Once it has been awarded the odds will move to 0%.